Friday, 10 August 2012


Allow me two pennorth of comment about The Games.  Have you noticed how so many of the Brits picking up medals are...gulp let me summon up my courage to write this...well:  NOT WHITE?!

There, I've written the unsayable.  But this is not a racist tract.  Firstly, it is a straightforward fact and deserves to be noted.  From the burnished black bonce of Mighty Mo, our very own matchstick middle distance runner, to the slightly sepia-tinted skin of gorgeous Jesse, so many of our winners - certainly in the track events - are descended from immigrants.

Why these athletes are better than people of Anglo-Saxon stock - certainly in the track events - is not for me to conjecture.   The point is that without them I doubt very much whether we would have gathered such a record breaking tally of medals in this greatest of international sports gatherings.

So doesn't this say three bloody good cheers for immigration?

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