Sunday, 8 July 2012


     In my last blog I wrote about two new books of mine:  STARSHINE and FIRE ACROSS THE VELDT.  The publication dates for these new masterpieces have been changed and I hurry now to correct them.

     STARSHINE (the glow from Verey lights that illuminated No Man's Land in Wordl War I and so caused every everyone in it to freeze, thus stopping the war for a few, brief moments) is a novel much of which is set against the battles of Ypres.  It will now be published appropriately on 11th November, this year, exactly 94 years from the amistice that ended the war.

     FIRE ACROSS THE VELDT, the ninth and latest in the Simon Fonthill series, sees our hero fighting the Boers as a Colonel in the regular British Army.  It will hit the bookshops in hard back from in Spring 2013 and then in paperback form some six months later.  Happy reading!

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  1. As a regular reader of Fonthill I'm really looking forward to Starshine when it's published in November. I DO notice a decline in the publication of certain types of book and military fiction seems to be taking a drubbing at the moment.